what’s YOUR vision?

Nov 19, 2020Revolutionary Rising Podcast

I want you to take a deep breath, look in the mirror right now and ask yourself this:

What am I moving towards?

That question is the springboard for all kinds of follow-up questions.

And ones that are fucking difficult to answer.

Earlier this year, I was forced to finally face myself in the mirror with tired eyes and a lifestyle that was heading quickly to burnout central, and ask myself the same thing.

In my world, I realized that my business was my priority and my personal life was just an afterthought, something that I did to fill the time if I actually wasn’t working.

And that’s just fucking sad.

Because let’s be real, capitalism tells us that ‘work always comes first’ (*eye roll*) and that you should be putting the ‘hustle’ above all else.

Well, if those late night panic attacks are any indication, that doesn’t quite work out.

And it’s not just about the present.

If you’re doing all the ‘shoulds’ that capitalism tells you to do, you’re affecting not only your future, but also that of your community.

How, you may ask?

Because you aren’t working towards a future that benefits the both of you.

You aren’t working towards your Revolutionary Vision.

A Revolutionary Vision (or your soul-on-fire purpose in the world) is a must if you want to run a revolutionary business. And no, I’m not talking about the ‘vision’ that white business coaches preach to you. Those are rooted in capitalism and only focus on numbers.

I’m not about that life.

My definition of a Revolutionary Vision is founded in the WHY.

Entrepreneurship is tough. And I doubt you got into it to make some quick spare change.

So why are you doing this? What’s the kind of world you want to create? What kind of world do you want for your community?

And how are you working towards making all of that a reality instead of just more money in your bank account?

These are big questions, and there’s only so much I can get around to in one email (though I try)… which is why I dedicated a whole podcast episode to Revolutionary Vision.

Folks, it’s just that fucking important!

Remember, your Revolutionary Vision should come from YOU and the kind of world YOU want to build.

Don’t be swayed by capitalism, patriarchy, or white bullshit.

Until next time,


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