Individual vs Community: which side are you on?

Oct 8, 2020

Capitalism thrives on individualism, competition, and on out-doing one another.

And it’s made us unlearn the value of community in our culture.

Our relationships are transactional. We’re all strangers. We’re all only here for ourselves.

Individualism might help us survive. But to thrive, we need community.

On today’s episode of the Revolutionary Rising podcast, I talk about building nourishing communities.

Building a nourishing community is an iterative process. There are no rules set in stone and you have to improvise and redesign as you go along.

The only thing you really need is a vision.

Who do you actually want in your community?

I was very specific about wanting a community for women and femmes of color only. I felt that our shared experience and kinship was unique, valuable and could help us understand each other in ways other folks never could.

But belonging to a community is not just about showing up when you need help and then going MIA on your sisters.

You gotta show up and serve your community.

Nourishing communities are not about getting new leads, they are about engagement and support.

They are about knowing that if you show up, you will be held.

If you engage regularly, show support, and participate in your community, people will automatically know and trust you. And they will want to buy from you. You won’t even need to promote your products.

But there’s more to building a community than just these few steps.

In today’s episode, I also talk about:

  • healing your sisterhood wounds
  • teaching first-timers how to participate in nourishing communities
  • establishing community agreements
  • understanding how your energy impacts your community.

Listen till the end for some tips on how you can show up intentionally in your community.

Head over here to start listening now!

And don’t forget: If you wanna feed the revolution, you have to feed it through community.

Until next time,

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