Why it’s So Hard to Rest

Aug 31, 2023Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Welcome back to season 4 of the podcast!!!

If you’re true to this, you know that each season we focus on a specific issue that leaders and entrepreneurs of color navigate.

I’ve known what I wanted focus this season on since January because every single leader of color who came to work with me said the same thing:

  • “I’m burnt out.”
  • “I’m exhausted.”
  • “I feel like I can’t enjoy my free time.”

And I could see clearly that there’s an epidemic of leaders of color being overworked, overwhelmed, and tired to the bone.

(Probably because we’re socialized to feel like we have to work twice as hard within a world that genuinely asks us to work twice as hard to get scraps.)


So this season, I wanted to focus our conversation on how you can get more:



🌴free time



in your day-to-day life, without changing your job, abandoning your kids (lol!), or doing a complete overhaul.


We’ll be doing deep dives on some important topics like:

👉🏿do we really need to work twice as hard as folks of color?

👉🏿feeling safe doing less & creating boundaries as a leader of color who is genuinely judged differently

👉🏿prioritizing yourself & your needs without shirking your responsibilities as a good leader

👉🏿decoupling your identity with your work and with being “exceptional”


and so much more, so press play and dive in!


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All my love,

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