Why quantum leaping sucks

Sep 24, 2020

“Get rich quick!”

“Quadruple your income overnight!”

“You aren’t successful if you’re not successful FAST!”

These lines ring a bell?

‘Cause these words are the mantra of the entrepreneurship world. They’re the narratives that our ‘hustle and grind’ culture is built on. They have us working our asses off day and night. They have us thinking 14-hour work days and panic attacks at 3 AM are the norm. And soon enough, they have us burnt out, exhausted and feeling like crap.

“But why shouldn’t I make my money, and why shouldn’t I make it fast?”

Look, I’m not against you making money.

But let’s be real: this quantum leaping attitude that capitalism got us hooked on to, it is a problem, especially for us women and femmes of color.

On today’s episode of the Revolutionary Rising podcast, I share my experience with the quantum leaping life, how I almost lost myself in it, and how finding my way out helped me see the bigger picture.

And helped me realize that I was born to do much more than just hoard them dollar bills in my bank account.

Cause hun’, revolutionary business ain’t just about profit first. It’s about service first, it’s about sustainability, about feeling good about yourself and feeling good about the change you make. And yes, sometimes, that can happen slowly.

But when it does, it feels liberating.

So ask yourself: If you weren’t always running, what might you see on a leisurely stroll?

If it wasn’t all about the money, what would your business actually look like?

Wanna find out?

Head over to Episode #5 to unlearn the hustle mantra and embrace the many, many benefits of slowing down, taking it easy, and hell, even dancing a little.

Until next time precious,


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