You Are Awesome RIGHT NOW

Dec 4, 2019

My dad always says I would’ve been an incredible lawyer.

(Honestly, whose parents aren’t still telling them they would’ve been the perfect doctor or lawyer?)

“There’s no point in going toe to toe with you- you thrive on proving a point.”

He’s right – and not because I want to be right – but because often you need someone willing to challenge you… to get to the REAL truth.

Here’s an example of that in action…

The last time I taught my workshop, we were talking about celebrating yourself, even if you’re not where you’d “like to be.”

One of the attendees in the room was really resisting this concept, because she was worried that if she started celebrating herself, she’d get complacent and stop growing.

Here’s what I told her:

You get to be awesome right now…..even if you have room to grow.

You don’t need to wait to be fucking incredible – because you literally already are.

You are already doing good shit every single day. You deserve to feel good about that now, and not just when you’ve whatever goal you’re aiming for.

And when you hit that goal…you can feel incredible about that too!

You are wonderful, even if you are in the messy middle of your personal and professional development process.

And that is the gospel truth.

If you’re thinking, wow, that was pretty cool – if only I had the tools to truly implement it…you’re in luck!

Do you want to have the tools to finally make confident decisions….

…get rid of imposter syndrome, and finally see and acknowledge your strengths every day?

Then you’ve gotta come to The Three Keys of Rock Solid Confidence while I’m in NYC.

This is jam packed with actionable tools, skills, and resources so that you…

✔ Finally decide whether you’re in the right job, or if you should finally take a leap into something new.

✔ Quiet imposter syndrome, overthinking, and all negative self talk in your life.

✔ Start seeing yourself the same way others see you. (spoiler alert, they think you’re pretty incredible.)

Sound like a dream?

Then here’s how you find me:

I’ll be at New Women Space in Brooklyn this upcoming Tuesday, December 10th @ 6:30pm

Tell your friends, tell yo wife – you’ve got plans next week.


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