you can’t be your last priority

Dec 16, 2020

In these last few months of 2020, I’ve been trying hard to achieve a new goal I’ve set for myself — to truly honor my business hours.

It’s really easy for me to devote myself wholly to this work, to work longer hours, show up more, do everything to make sure you always have all that I can give you.

But that cycle of hyper-productivity reaches its tipping point VERY quickly. And it threatens to take over your entire life. Your to-do list turns into a bottomless pit and you begin to feel exhausted and overwhelmed all the time.


Now, I’ve learned the hard way that the hustle is NOT worth it if it comes at the cost of my peace of mind.


I want to live my life more intentionally. I want to be more present in every aspect of my life, not just at work. And that’s why I decided to create some strict boundaries around my work hours, and actually stick to them without compromise.

As a woman of color, this isn’t something that comes naturally to me, because we’ve been deeply socialized to constantly serve.

Even when we are fighting for liberation, we are so committed to the spirit of collective liberation that we often leave ourselves behind.

We make ourselves our last priority.


But how can you empower and liberate others if you don’t liberate yourself first?


At this point in my life, that liberation comes in the form of breaking my productivity cycle. Honoring my business hours. Giving myself the time and headspace to just be.

And precious, don’t blindly trust me either. Your challenges can be different. And your path to liberation may look nothing like mine.


But what’s important is for you to find that path. Think about what your revolutionary vision is for your life, and let your intuition guide you towards what’s right for you.


2020 has been a wake up call for everyone, especially us WOC.


As we step into a new year, it’s time to start working towards the life and business that you want to build.

They are not one in the same.

But they both deserve to be vibrant, joyous, and peaceful.

If that sounds like a plan you’d like to work on next year, join me and a community of incredible WOC leaders in Revolutionary Rising, a 6-month group coaching program where you can unlearn all of white capitalism’s BS, heal in community, discover your soul-on-fire vision and work towards fulfilling your dreams.

Apply here before December 17 for our next cohort beginning in January.


Until next time,


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