you don’t need an “empire”

Dec 16, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Size… really doesn’t matter!

This episode we are talking all about size… business size!
There are a whoooooole lot of people out there who will tell you if you don’t want to have a seven figure business with 20+ employees you have a mindset problem, or you are playing small.


Maybe you still believe that a large business equals success but you are exhausted, burnout, and unsettled. There is a difference between not thinking you deserve something and creating something out of a deprived trauma response.

Let’s talk about what no one is talking about publicly, what does a sustainable business that matches your energy look like? What about a business that supports you financially and aligns with what you actually enjoy and love? The impact your business makes does not equate to its size. Your business doesn’t need to be this continuous growing beast to support you or your impact.

I know this isn’t a sexy conversation topic and goes against all topics of ‘abundance mindset’, but it is a conversation that needs to be had!

Why? Because when you begin to teeter on the edge of, I hate what I am doing and I am not good enough to make this business work, the reality is you likely aren’t building a business with your true-self but with the capitalist worldview to be more is to do more and grow more.

Regardless of where you are in your business, maybe you are struggling to ‘grow’ because you feel that is what you MUST do to be successful. Maybe you have grown too much and just dread doing anything business related. This episode is for you, love.

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