you got me f**ked up

Jan 19, 2023

When someone says something like this to me, it always shocks me:

“You always have a smile on your face”

“You’re so sweet – I can’t imagine you getting angry”

“You’re just always laughing”

I’m not shocked because I’m secretly a grade A asshole.

I really am nice, I swear!

But I don’t identify as the always sweet, smiling, laughing girl

(and TBH, no one who knows me well would say that either)

So, recently, I asked myself:

“Where the fuck do these folks keep get this impression from?”

And then I realized:

Every person who has ever said this to me has been white.

I’ve gotten so adept at code-switching, that I didn’t even realize that I was giving them the “non-threatening,” palatable version of me that I show to white people so that I can be safe(r) in this white supremacist world.

I fucking hate that for me – and I hate that for you, too.

Because let’s be real.

You’re out here sharing a palatable version of yourself in these white-washed streets, too…

…ESPECIALLY as a leader or entrepreneur of color, because you’ve learned from intergenerational and lived experience that being your full expression of self (no matter how lovely and innocuous you are) can mean serious repercussions for you emotionally and financially.

This self-policing doesn’t just stop with white folks though.

You’ve probably got a filter up with most folks in your life…even family, friends, work spouses, and business partners.

You feel like you have to be:

✨the successful one
✨the good girl
✨the one who “has it all together”
✨the caretaker

Here’s the problem with that:

The grass is greener where you water it, precious.

Which means that if  you’re spending all of your energy being what everyone else expects and wants you to be…

…you’re not actually taking any time to create the life, leadership, or business that you want for you.

This is how you end up:

😭burnt out
😭prioritizing your work over yourself
😭feeling like you can’t rest and enjoy your free time
😭taking care of everyone and everything instead of yourself

I know you’re tired of this dynamic.

It’s left you overwhelmed, unfulfilled, exhausted and feeling like there’s entirely too much stress and not nearly enough joy in your life.

If you want to say goodbye to this dynamic in 2023, you need (and deserve!) a place where you:

✨get to be fully self-centered and make it all about you
✨aren’t worried about being too much, too needy, or too self-centered
✨can figure out what YOU want, without considering anyone else’s opinion
✨can really take all the time you need to work through roadblocks (internal + external) that get in the way of you meeting your goals
✨are supported (and celebrated!) for taking action steps toward doing what’s right for you

Are you thinking, “Fuck, that sounds really nice”?

If so, you know what I’m going to say, precious:

That’s what 1:1 and group coaching is like with me.

It’s a place where you get to drop all of the masks that you wear around this world:

and instead of wasting all that energy trying to be what other people expect you to be…

…we shift your energy towards you becoming the leader, entrepreneur, or human being that YOU want to be.

Someone who:

💕really fucking enjoys their life
💕feels truly confident
💕speaks their mind
💕rests without guilt
💕is confidently building the life they want

WITHOUT sacrificing their goals & income  in the process.

If you want this for yourself, your journey starts by scheduling a call with me here.

Talk soon, love.


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