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Sep 10, 2020

Top 3 lessons we learn as WOC in business?

  • Deny your humanity and ignore your intuition
  • Trust NO ONE
  • Fit into default white culture or be the niche weirdo

When youโ€™re force-fed all of this all day long, even tipping a toe out of line is terrifying.

But yโ€™know what got me to the other side? Finding other women and femmes of color who were kicking ass and running their businesses the way they want to.

And the first guest (!!!) of the Revolutionary Rising podcast, Weeze Doran, is the personification of that.

Weeze (or Louisa if youโ€™re an enemy or the government) and the way she leads was a major inspiration for me to really show up as a woman of color and rework the way I approach my business.

Which is why I know damn well yโ€™all are gonna love her too.

Weeze is a cis-gendered, female-identifying, Oakland-native and as an anti-racism and decolonization coach/educator, itโ€™s her mission to move the needle forward for liberation, especially for those in fringes and most marginalized sections of society.

And though โ€˜liberationโ€™, โ€˜diversityโ€™, and โ€˜inclusionโ€™ are cute lilโ€™ buzzwords people are using as Instagram hashtags now, Weeze began her decolonization journey long before it was cool.

In todayโ€™s episode, Weeze talks about why itโ€™s a-okay for WFOC entrepreneurs to wanna work with other women and femmes of color without being worried about alienating white people, how to check yourself to make sure youโ€™re not performing, how to stop thinking you need to exude whiteness to succeed, and MUCH more.

She also takes us through what sheโ€™s done to decolonize her business and make it more about building a human to human connection, rather than a number to number one.

Umm, can I get an amen!?

If Weeze doesnโ€™t inspire you to sit up, say โ€˜fuck youโ€™ to the white mold, and take control of your business, I donโ€™t know who will.

If youโ€™re waiting for that final push to start your decolonization journey, just listen to Weeze [HERE] yโ€™all! Sheโ€™s all you need.

Until next time,


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